How do you like whipped Cream?

Cheeky Monkey cream chargers (more here) are running a competition to win a cream chargers starter pack (that’s with 50 refills!!!) and all you need to do to enter is put an idea down on the facebook page – here outlining some ideas for what you’d like to do with whipped cream – and if you haven’t a better idea then why not just be inspired here
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Tennis Chargers

tennis chargers2

Farewell to the tennis chargers great – mint male is still thinking about you!

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Next Day Delivery

In the modern age when everything is very much NOW, NOW, NOW then the idea of anything other than a next day delivery is never going to go down too well! 24 hours and that s it – any later than that and I’m going to have a tantrum!

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Mr Whip Cream Chargers

Here is the possibly true story of the time when Mr Whip came to visit … he brought his cream charger for the soft serve and a Mr Whip for the slightly more hardcore side of things!

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Erotica Cream

Watch the video to truly understand what erotica whipped cream is all about! Note the absent whipped cream dispenser!

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Mr Whip

I was searching or a mister whip and I was struck between this one the idea of the leather god, the super hero or the pastry chef!

In other words do you want for the best whip cream chargers or for the leather whips

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Cream Chargers for Perfect Parfait

If you know anything you’ll know that a parfait is basically pash whipped cream – so with the use of cream chargers then it is possible to ramp up the amps and create the perfect parfait with cream chargers.

cream chargers perfect parfait

cream chargers perfect parfait

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X-Pole Cream

So now it’s really time to show off with the X-Pole dancing poles – spin it to win it!

x-pole men

x-pole men


It is soon going to be pole dancing competition time – and we’ve got an X-Pole xpert to give away as the prize – so stay tuned to find out more.  Continue Reading


Voodoo Men


voodoo men

This picture attracted complaints – I can’t figure out why? Men on leads, power-lady in heels? That looks like a perfect combination to me!


Voodoo Man

When I was looking into stories relating to the voodoo knife block then I came across an entirely different story about a voodoo man …


voodoo man skydiving

voodoo man skydiving


This story involves an “actor” called Voodoo and a wannabe adult actress – the pair copulate whilst in a skydive freefall. This looks technically complicated if you watch the video – it’s also interesting to see the pilot cast a glance over his shoulder as they warm up whilst still in the plane.

The both of the people involved worked for a skydiving company and I understand they also both lost their jobs.

The company claimed to not know what they were intending – although I find it hard to believe that the pilot was unaware of the thrusting voodoo man in the pane….

It would seem that no laws were broken and a good time was had by all.

The full video can be seen here


Voodoo Knife Block

The voodoo knife block is the voodoo man that you would welcome into your house! We are in no way promoting black magic and the occult – neither are we promoting the objectifying of men – although the voodoo knife block does both of those things. Continue Reading


More whipped ford fun

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Tom Ford Cream Chargers

Cream chargers – black on tan! All thanks to Tom Ford

cream chargers tom ford

and who would not cream for that?



Picnic Chargers


The summer is finally here and what could be better than to experience it with the ultimate picnic chargers – impressed? We certainly were!

More info here


Meat Chargers

So shiny and so gold ….


Highly charged lumps of meat – all perfectly polished. So macho, so big and strong


More X-Pole Men

Seven brothers for 7 x-poles!



Thanks to  for leading the way with an awesome display of pole dancing on the X-Pole X-stage. It certainly opened my eyes to the spectacle. Where you satnd on the notion of pole dancing is an entirely personal thing – and perhaps the non-inclusion in the Olympics will speak volumes about it?

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Garden of Earthly Delights

Where theatre and tattoos collide in a London park!  Continue Reading


Sext Whipped Chocolate

It might seem odd to start at the end  - but sometimes it is important that the one who came first last time gets the most attention this time around. Continue Reading


Whipped Cream, Naked Chefs

Cream Chargers

Mint Male – Cream Chargers – where good food and fine men can live together in a harmonious urban garden world.

So what do you need to get started – well equipment is always handy – try these supplies for the gourmet rude food then the ability to supply limitless cream can never be underestimated now can it so cream chargers from For gardening, try for the outdoor implements and for indoor implements try

cream towel

cream towel

So how to go about wooing them over in the kitchen – because as we all know the fastest route to a man’s heart is either through his stomach or his mind – depending on you artistic bent then perhaps the poetic route might be preferable but perhaps for the rest of us then food is a safer option. So, why is whipped cream the route – well studies have showed that the memories conjured up of the nurturing love can be linked to way-back when milk was the sole part of your diet – so why, why, why I hear you ask – do we not consider milk to be the mana from heaven but rather the cream chargers – well that is all to do with the rather boring ideas of ratios of fatty to aqueous components in the liquid – does that bore you yet? Well suffice to say – cream has it, milk doesn’t and the texture bares this all of for us – enough dispensing for now … Continue Reading