More X-Pole Men

Seven brothers for 7 x-poles!



Thanks to  for leading the way with an awesome display of pole dancing on the X-Pole X-stage. It certainly opened my eyes to the spectacle. Where you satnd on the notion of pole dancing is an entirely personal thing – and perhaps the non-inclusion in the Olympics will speak volumes about it?


Garden of Earthly Delights

Where theatre and tattoos collide in a London park! 


Naked Bike Ride

Piggy – Redux from FARMWALKER FILMS on Vimeo.


Sext Whipped Chocolate

It might seem odd to start at the end  - but sometimes it is important that the one who came first last time gets the most attention this time around.


Whipped Cream, Naked Chefs

Cream Chargers

Mint Male – Cream Chargers – where good food and fine men can live together in a harmonious urban garden world. So what do you need to get started – well equipment is always handy – try these supplies for the gourmet rude food then the ability to supply limitless cream can never be underestimated…

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