Cream Chargers for Perfect Parfait

If you know anything you’ll know that a parfait is basically pash whipped cream – so with the use of cream chargers then it is possible to ramp up the amps and create the perfect parfait with cream chargers.

cream chargers perfect parfait

cream chargers perfect parfait

so no drips on you if you can get it right! the idea is the same as with this liver parfait here excpet because nobody except heston would ever think of liver ice cream, you just substitute in  your favourite sweet things – so rather than offal it will offaly nice!

A parfait is basically a foam that has been thickened and set – in France it is an ice cream plumped up with air, but there is nothing to stop you doing the plumping up by means of a cream charger and sing nitrous oxide instead of air. The density can be controlled by the careful use of thickening agents such as agar-agar.

The hard part is getting the density right - you do not want anything as light as whipped cream – so don’t overcharge the liquid before you dispense it.




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