Cream Chargers

Mint Male – Cream Chargers – where good food and fine men can live together in a harmonious urban garden world.

So what do you need to get started – well equipment is always handy – try these supplies for the gourmet rude food then the ability to supply limitless cream can never be underestimated now can it so cream chargers from For gardening, try for the outdoor implements and for indoor implements try

cream towel

cream towel

So how to go about wooing them over in the kitchen – because as we all know the fastest route to a man’s heart is either through his stomach or his mind – depending on you artistic bent then perhaps the poetic route might be preferable but perhaps for the rest of us then food is a safer option. So, why is whipped cream the route – well studies have showed that the memories conjured up of the nurturing love can be linked to way-back when milk was the sole part of your diet – so why, why, why I hear you ask – do we not consider milk to be the mana from heaven but rather the cream chargers – well that is all to do with the rather boring ideas of ratios of fatty to aqueous components in the liquid – does that bore you yet? Well suffice to say – cream has it, milk doesn’t and the texture bares this all of for us – enough dispensing for now …In view of the holistic approach to the new person being fully rounded and in the round we shall be investigating the complete route from the garden to the bedroom via the kitchen. When you nurture the food then you also love the person you cook for and this also includes the food that you love while it is still in the soil.

If you can keep a plant alive you are good person – if you can do it with the ability to do so in a natural and organic fashion then you are truly a great human being. So gardening is where the love begins – the sun, the soil, the air the water the world coming together in a full body embrace. Sun makes the grass grow, the wind spreads the seeds leaving the cows to eat and turn themselves into fat, greedy but loveable cream dispensers.

So leaving the garden will take us into the kitchen where the raw ingredients are magically whipped into something truly beautiful – this is the magic place. It is as simple and as complicated as turning mud into bricks and then into the buildings that keep us warm and safe. The magicians part is shepherding the ingredients together into something spectacular.

The almost naked banana split.

Next up how to get from the cow to the whipped cream to the kitchen through the cream chargers and back to where we started from!



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