Voodoo Knife Block

The voodoo knife block is the voodoo man that you would welcome into your house! We are in no way promoting black magic and the occult – neither are we promoting the objectifying of men – although the voodoo knife block does both of those things.

Sometimes referred to as “the Ex” this is simple yet elegant solution to keeping your kitchen knives organized. The knives are sharp – and with five of them you’ve got all of the kitchen tasks covered from the big chopper to the little fiddly bits that only delicate hands can take care of. I spoke to a chef who gave the knives a 4/5 for quality – he said he’d never use them but then he is actually a culinary snob – so fort he rest of us then we can take an 80% as real recommendation.

Just be warned though – the chrome voodoo knife block is actually not chrome but actually chrome effect plastic – which has to be a bit tacky.

For the retro lovers there was a limited edition gold knife-man which is camp-cool and ¬†could be thought of as your own little Oscar statuette – only perforated by knives – perhaps they should consider this idea for the ceremony – after all stabbing in the back is very associated with the movers and shakers in HollyWood. Find out more…. or perhaps even go shopping to get one for yourself? Incidentally I was researching this knife holder when I came across a really, really cool one here with knife holders that come in at $1,000 ! WOW – that really is understated expenditure.

gold voodoo knife block

gold voodoo knife block



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