Voodoo Man

When I was looking into stories relating to the voodoo knife block then I came across an entirely different story about a voodoo man …


voodoo man skydiving

voodoo man skydiving


This story involves an “actor” called Voodoo and a wannabe adult actress – the pair copulate whilst in a skydive freefall. This looks technically complicated if you watch the video – it’s also interesting to see the pilot cast a glance over his shoulder as they warm up whilst still in the plane.

The both of the people involved worked for a skydiving company and I understand they also both lost their jobs.

The company claimed to not know what they were intending – although I find it hard to believe that the pilot was unaware of the thrusting voodoo man in the pane….

It would seem that no laws were broken and a good time was had by all.

The full video can be seen here

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