X-Pole Cream

So now it’s really time to show off with the X-Pole dancing poles – spin it to win it!

x-pole men

x-pole men


It is soon going to be pole dancing competition time – and we’ve got an X-Pole xpert to give away as the prize – so stay tuned to find out more. There will be a ranking and handicap system used so that a beginner can compete against a pole dancing professional and they’ll both get the same chance of winning. The short instructional session of bsic pole dancing moves led by an experienced teacher will give assistance to anyone that doesn’t think that they know even the simplest thing.

So now you’ve no excuse not to join in – think more poleoke than pole professional. The amateur will rule the world in the modern age of trying is succeeding.

Come along – you need to be in it, to spin it, to win it!

More details to be released over the next few months!


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